28 Sep 2013

Drain Cleaning… To do? or Not to do yourself.. This is the question

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As a Utah homeowner, or even renting a place to live, chances are you have come across the unfortunate circumstance of finding yourself with a clogged drain and no idea how to make it unclogged. Perhaps you tried using a plunger with no success, just a mess. Maybe you even bought some store-brand overpriced drain cleaner, or used a snake bought at a hardware store with nothing to show but a stubborn-still-clogged-drain.

Most people may give up at this point and just call a Utah plumber to come unclog the drain. The really brave DIY’ers out there may even go and rent a commercial grade auger to snake through the clean-out and try to do their own home-made drain cleaning. While this can (and does) work on occasion, there are reasons why plumbers still exist to do house calls, and why sometimes it might save your wallet (and your pride) to simply call in a professional to get the job done right the first time. Here’s why:

There are typically two main reasons why you will find yourself with a Utah drain problem. Number one: stuff in the pipes. Hair, grease, coffee grounds (see our previous post about preventing clogs for more info) food or other nasty things that can ruin your day. These kinds of localized clogs usually can get cleared with an auger by someone with little or no experience. However, the number two reason is a little more complicated.

Sometime, your pipes will get clogged or stop draining because tree roots have grown through them. In Utah, homeowners are liable for their Utah Drain piping all the way to where the pipes merge into the public service utility. This means that a broken pipe you are responsible to fix it! Not the best news, and with a problem like a tree root growing through your piping system, you aren’t going to want to try to auger your way through it; it will potentially put further damage to the piping system, raising the price of the eventual cost and just giving you a plumbing headache and the need for a complete sewer line repair. Even if you clear it out successfully, the pipes now have a hole, the roots could grow back, etc. etc.

Besides all of these factors, the main reason you probably won’t want to use an auger yourself is that its a nasty job. It stinks, it can be time consuming, and if you do it wrong, you can damage your Utah home plumbing system.

Save yourself hassle right off the bat, and give Pacific North Utah’s Home Plumbers a call at 801-319-1876 or send us a message detailing what we can help you with. We aren’t interested in just coming over and providing a temporary fix that will require future maintenance and stress. We want to get it done right the first time, at a cost that won’t break your bank account, and make sure that future clogs won’t be a problem to deal with. Pacific North Utah’s Home Plumbers service all of Utah and Salt Lake counties, including Alpine and American Fork, Lehi, Orem, Provo, even down to Spanish Fork and Payson Utah. Call us at 801-319-1876 or go to our Utah Drain Cleaning page and send us an email!

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