18 Sep 2013

Our last Pacific North Utah’s Home Plumbers blog post detailed some of our methods for handling utah clogged drains. We talked about how we isolate the clog and break it up using professional techniques. As a follow up to that post, we thought it might be a good idea to talk about how you can prevent getting clogged drains in the first place!

The best way to prevent your Utah drain from getting clogged is to simply be aware of what you are putting into them. We have found that there are four major enemies of your Utah drains, and those are soap scum, hair, coffee grounds, and cooking grease. If you can help it, try to avoid putting any of these things into your drain, and you will be on your first step to avoiding a clogged drain. Here are some tips to help you keep your Utah drains running smoothly:
  • When you are doing your dishes, use the drain-grate! This can trap all sorts of solid objects that shouldn’t be going down your drain, which you can then throw in the garbage or put in the disposer to be safely ground up and flushed away.
  • Don’t poor hot grease down the drain! Save it in a container (old pickle jars work great) until it cools, then throw it away in the trash. Grease can clog up your drains like fat in an artery; clogged pipes will require drain cleaning, which isn’t free!
  • Don’t put your coffee grounds down the drain! Throw them in the garbage, or use them as fertilizer or mulch for your garden.
As a preventative measure, get in the habit of running hot water down the sink after you are done using it; hot water helps keep food debris from sticking to the insides of your pipes, and also keeps food oils flowing. Flowing is good; blocked up is bad.
If you find yourself running into a lot of clogging, or if the water isn’t going down the drain quickly, give us a call at 801-319-1876 and we’ll come fix it! Our drain cleaning methods aren’t about putting a bandaid over the problem to return again when it gets re-clogged; we will isolate the problem with your Utah drains, clear and clean it the right way, and make sure you won’t have repeat clogs. Pacific North Utah’s Home Plumbers service all of Utah and Salt Lake Counties, including Alpine and American Fork, Lehi, Orem, Provo, even down to Spanish Fork and Payson Utah. Call us at 801-319-1876 or go to ourUtah Drain Cleaning page and send us an email!l
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